TrustEd Schools' Partnership

TrustEd Sports Partnership

Core Values:

  • Professionalism
  • Educational background
  • Providing experience
  • Creating positive personal relationships
  • Listening and responding to needs

Our Vision:

Improving the mental and physical wellbeing of young people and developing character through physical education, physical activity and sport.

What do we do?

We work collaboratively with 4 secondary schools, 24 primary schools and community providers of sport and physical activity across East Shropshire to deliver a programme of high quality physical education, staff continuing professional development, inclusive competitions, festivals and events and community sporting opportunities.

We do this through our core team of qualified, experienced secondary PE teaching staff.

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Policy aims

  1. Involving all stakeholders in strategic and operational decisions
  2. Model School Games values of Teamwork, Passion Respect, Determination, Self-belief, Honesty
  3. Support each partner school to be actively engaged in intra and inter school competition
  4. Collaborate and build relationships with professionals and experts from the local and wider community to enrich our delivery of High Quality PE, physical activity and School Sport
  5. Provide appropriate exit routes for young people into additional activities, encouraging a sporting habit for life and leading a healthy active lifestyle
  6. Build capacity through sharing best practise and creating a high quality PE and School Sport workforce
  7. Engage as many young people as possible across our network of schools in meaningful physical education, physical activity and sport
  8. Improve the quality of PE teaching in the primary sector
  9. Develop character and personal life skills of young people through PE and School Sport
  10. Support the transition of young people from primary to secondary school
  11. Monitor and evaluate performance to ensure progress is made for the benefit of young people
  12. Provide a sound financial footing that secures a bright and sustainable future
  13. Maintain professional standards in relation to our delivery of PE and School Sport

Meet the Team

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Chris Jew

Partnership Lead Officer

Lyndsey Dillon

SGCo - Idsall School

Steve Chase

SGCo – Bridgnorth Endowed

Annie Smith

SGCo – William Brookes

Abbigail Beamond

SGCo – Oldbury Wells