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High Performing School:  Dec 2019

This term has seen the publication of secondary League tables and also the primary tables, which were published just last week.

As Oldbury Wells parents will know, we were thrilled to see how well our Year 11 students had done.  League tables, published in October showed our excellent local standing.  In our school we take equal pleasure in both our students’ academic successes and also their other successes such as sporting and charity work.  We know that exam results are not everything, but they remain the best indicator to how well pupils are learning and how well a school is doing overall.   As a comprehensive school, with a firm commitment to educating pupils of all abilities, we are particularly pleased to report excellent scores across the ability range this year, with the highest progress scores being awarded to our SEN pupils! 

  • Very high Progress score at 0.28+.  Our Progress score is awarded a ‘green’ box on the league tables! 
  • Oldbury Wells is the only local Shropshire School with a positive score in 2019
  • This is our fourth consecutive positive year at GCSE, since the new League Tables.